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Every spring, for more than 20 years, the residents of the Magdalen Islands eagerly await for La Pizza d'la Pointe to reopen its doors and rightly so! This family restaurant, known for its creative and succulent dishes, is certainly a must in the summertime!

All in the family

​5 years ago now, Isabelle and Rosalie Arseneau became the new owners of the Pizza of the Pointe, following in their parents’ (Robert and Jocelyne) footsteps. Since then, they have been putting in their personal touch by adding a selection of good wines, new pizza recipes, succulent salads and tasty homemade oven-baked fries. As the restaurant’s popularity has been expanding, Rosalie and Isabelle, have been welcoming new members to their little family and together, from spring to fall, they greet you with a smile and prepare your favorite pizzas!

La pizza d'la pointe
La Pizza d'la Pointe's gang
A 9-course story

Here are a few anecdotes about the people, the events and the moments that were a source of inspiration for the pizzas, the fries, the salads and the desserts you will find on La Pizza d’la Pointe’s menu ....

It all started with a delicious seafood pizza… Jocelyne Guérette and Robert Arseneau, both florists at the time, were invited for dinner at some friends from la Pointe-aux-Loups. Their hosts had prepared a delicious seafood pizza, which turned out to be a revelation for Robert! He decided on the spot that his next career would be in the restaurant business and the adventure began the very next day. And of course, you know the rest of the story ...

This pizza could easily have been named the "2 Roberts". Robert Patenaude, a long-time customer, shared with his friend Robert Arseneau, cook and owner of the restaurant at the time, that he was craving an Italian-style pizza dressed very simply with tomatoes, pesto and cheese. Robert Arseneau couldn’t resist adding red onions, as well as Pied-de-vent and Swiss cheese, and tada!  He also wisely decided to give it the more evocative name, La Belle Italienne (the beautiful Italian).


La Belle Italienne is also Rosalie-the-cook’s favorite. She never tires of this delicious pizza and treats herself to one every week in the summertime. Now that you know the cook’s secret, doesn’t it make you want to try a little slice?

This pizza, very much appreciated by the local residents (who are known to love well-stocked meat dishes), is the result of a creative solution to resolve a ingredient ordering error! Having bought too many Italian sausages, Robert, owner and cook at the time, simply decided to concoct a new chock-full-of-meat pizza, to the delight of his local customers.

Jocelyne has always loved scallops. While she was co-owner of the restaurant with Robert, she kept dreaming of dedicating a special pizza to this delicate and tasty “marshmallow of the sea”.  Back then, she let go of this dream since La Pizza du Pêcheur already offered a generous portion of scallops ... But as good things come to those who wait, she finally got her wish - and then some - when her daughters took over the restaurant! Rosalie surprised her mom with the Sainte-Jocelyne, an original creation combining delicious scallops, cream, a smoked salmon crumble, garlic and lemon, all topped off with Swiss and Mozzarella cheeses! A true joy for ALL scallop lovers!

It can certainly be said that La Pizza Canon is the fruit of a collective group effort. Hélène Arseneau, also known as Hélène des Îles, had offered a jar of roasted red peppers to her sister Isabelle, who had a "wow" moment when using them in a sandwich along with pesto, ham, fresh basil and a mixture of goat and mozzarella cheeses. Isabelle shared her homemade recipe with her sister Rosalie who perfected this tasty combination by turning it into a beautiful pizza which became “pépé’s” favorite pizza!

The Deluxe Caesar Salad was a well-kept secret for several years before making its appearance on La Pizza d’la Pointe’s menu in 2016. This creative variation of the Caesar salad was actually the employees’ favorite late night dish. This yummy main-course salad finally made its appearance on the menu after several late-night customers were seen salivating at the site of this beautiful Caesar salad garnished with chicken, mandarins, mushrooms, peppers and red onions.

By popular demand, Rosalie and Isabelle added fries to the menu in 2011, but not just any kind of fries! They wanted to serve their customers fries that were both healthy and delicious. Seasoned with a divine homemade mixture of spices, La Pizza d'la Pointe’s oven-baked fries sure meet these criteria! You might have to wait a few minutes for your fries as they are only prepared on order, but everyone agrees that the taste is really worth the wait!

This dessert is so scrumptious it will have you floating on cloud 9! This fusion of Graham crackers, nuts, coconut, chocolate and Eagle Brand Milk was the 3 young Arseneau girls’ favorite dessert. Now handed down to the daughters by their mother, this dessert is a real treat for those who miss their mom’s lip-smacking desserts.

This succulent treat, originally concocted for children by Rosalie, seems to also be a delight for grown-ups. It's so good that Isabelle is now attempting to convince Rosalie to try new flavor variations to add to the menu. If you and your taste buds have any suggestions, do not hesitate to share them with Isabelle during your next visit!

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